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Special Z-Moves working in USUM

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In the base game, when an NPC uses a special Z-Move such as Malicious Moonsault, the game freezes at the conclusion of the animation sequence.

I have found the root cause of this, in a/0/8/8 - a specific command (it toggles hiding all trainer models except for the trainer model of the Pokemon currently using the move) that for some reason is only used in the special Z-Move animation sequence files crashes when called to toggle models on (but not models off). By replacing this command with a different one (that toggles all trainer models, I am baffled as to why GF did it like this, the replacement has no material difference in the end effect that I've seen), this bug is fixed, allowing NPC Pokemon to use these Z-Moves without issue.

Edit: The command is specifically [icode]TrainerDispOther[/icode] when [icode]isDisp[/icode] is set to 1.

I am left wondering if the reason why no special Z-Moves were given to NPCs was not, as I had assumed, due to GF not wanting to do that and not coding some critical function to make that happen, but instead were unable to locate or fix this bug and gave up on doing so. Considering that fixing this bug took me all of four hours from downloading the 3DS Pokémon Move Animation Tools, I'm... not impressed.

My thanks to Namadu, whose invaluable tool allowed me to conduct this search.

Not sure if xdelta patches of garcs are allowed here? I won't upload anything just in case, fixed versions are out there now.

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forgot to say what the actual exact command was
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On 3/23/2024 at 9:56 AM, Duskanroc57 said:

Can you send a link to the tools please? I want to try this myself but I can't find it.

Sorry about the late reply, apparently I'm not getting alerts to posts on threads I make...






USUMCommandReference.json USUM animation file list.txt

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