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Pokemon Vitalized Silver


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🌊Pokemon Vitalized Silver💪
Pokemon Vitalized Silver is a rom hack made to increase diversity and difficulty in pokemon Soul Silver. This rom hack makes all gen 1 and 2 pokemon available before the elite four, smarter and more difficult trainers, changed pokemon moves and stats and some added moves.

⭐ Specific Features:

  • Every route has altered encounters to include more pokemon.
  • There have been a large number of changes to pokemon moves, stats, types, evolution methods, abilites, ect.
  • Moves and pokemon stats have been altered to reflect their gen 8 mechanics, with some moves being limitated due to gen 4 mechanics.
  • Some moves have been altered to increase their usability in game, moves have also been replaced by later gen moves.
  • Trainer encounters have been changed to increase difficulty and diversity.
  • Rare candies available in cherrygrove.
  • Extra overworld items have been added to help evolve certain pokemon.
  • A hard mode increasing difficulty considerably is included (especially increases difficulty early on) 


🐛 Known Problems:

  • Certain pokemon are bugged and learn moves they shouldn't sometimes up to ten per level, for an authentic experience I recommend not learning these, you can check the documentation if a pokemon should or shouldn't learn a move.
  • Added overworld items are infinite.
  • Kanto only has changed gym leaders and elite four, normal trainers and encounters have not been altered.

❓Extra Information:

Pokemon Vitalized Silver was created on and off since 2022. This is the first rom hack I've made, aside from this rom hack I've made an Retro MMORPG called BitWorld and a pokemon Fan Game called pokemon hunter which was shut down due to external issues. If there are any bugs inhibiting you from playing this rom hack be sure to leave me a message (might take a while for me to respond, if I'ts urgent you can also send me a message on twitter @bigboibappo). Maybe I'll make another rom hack some day, only time will tell.


LINK TO GOOGLE DRIVE for documentation and alternate patch download

Pokemon Vitalized Silver Patch Pokemon Vitalized Silver Hard Patch

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I find it ironic when some ROM hackers say to use "clean" or "unedited" dumps for the patches, yet absolutely never validates if the base vanilla ROM being utilized is actually a good dump or not, and will proceed to create patches for that bad dump (or on occasions, a modified bad dump that isn't known to exist period). We really need to evolve past these bad habits already, 10+ years of Pokemon DS related hacking, come on now lol.


These patches require a bad dump, this dump to be exact:

    File: Pokemon_SoulSilver_USA_NDS-XPA.nds
  CRC-32: ebb387e7
     MD5: 545aa550bafeebdd71ee0256d4c122a0
   SHA-1: 0959fe9e64dc749382460f1ccf90996f5ef4088d
 SHA-256: 90f463f2373cda81b6799f58dd55cf3acadb824f183708c00b74817e2f0a6456

This is the correct dump to be using:

    File: Pokemon - SoulSilver Version (USA).nds
  CRC-32: d8ea6090
     MD5: 8a6c8888bed9e1dce952f840351b73f2
   SHA-1: f8dc38ea20c17541a43b58c5e6d18c1732c7e582
 SHA-256: 51d0f94a16af7d77c067b4cb7d821ba890a13203a2e2c76049623332c0582e20


Patches for the actual good dump provided at the bottom of this post, you can apply the patch with any of these three pieces of software, if you prefer something else, just ensure that the patching solution you use is compatible with the patches:

Xdelta UI: (Windows)

MultiPatch: (MacOS)

Xdelta Patcher: (Online) (Intended for mobile users, always better to use actual local software instead if possible.)


As a bonus, here is a working online MD5 checksum checker solution, you can verify the results with what is provided above, offline solutions do exist of course, but you are on your own seeking such things:


Pokemon - Vitalized Silver (20240115) (USA).xdelta Pokemon - Vitalized Silver (20240115) (Hard) (USA).xdelta

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