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Pokesav Coordinate Trouble


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Well I tried the coordinate cheat in Pokesav and what happens is i come out of the door hold L+R BEFORE going out and then when i come out it LOOKS as if i were in were i wnated to go (aka Giratina Room and ) but the people from the previous place are all still there ( i tried it coming out of the Poke Center and it looks like Giratina's Room but the poke healer person and everyone else is still there) what do i do

Thanks for the help:biggrin:

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As far as I can tell from your description, it will only LOOK like the giratina room. Ergo, only the BACKGROUND (scenery) will change. It doesn't actually TAKE you to the giratina room, correct?

Then again, I'm no expert, so we can wait until we hear from someone with more experience.

Do you think you could explain this "coordinate cheat" to me? I'd like to try it to see if I have the same thing happens to me.


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