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How to trade illegal pkm from pkhex to sysbot ?


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I like to play with PKHeX and SysBot with my Pokemon Scarlet game, to do useless things quickly (like obtain easily items, or start Masuda with a good Pokemon...). And I like to know how things work. I recently used them to change the ball of my Pokemon (for example catch a shiny pokemon with random ball => send it to SysBot => change the ball with PKHeX => send it back to me with SysBot).

Then, I had the really bad idea to do it with my Hisuian Typhlosion with the Mighty Mark, for a silly reason : I haven't anymore the Dream Ball to catch it, so I used a random ball, I just wanted to change it in PKHeX...

I send it to SysBot, but it won't send it back to me for 3 reasons, making my Pokemon illegal :

- the mighty mark ;

- the attacks that a random Typhlosion can't learn ;

- the fact that Typhlosion can't be found in Paldea.

Now I just want my Pokemon back, it's stuck in my computer.

Do you have any idea how to trade an illegal Pokemon to a real and legal save ? (another bot, a switch v1 hack for local trade, a friend online... ?)

It's a real Pokemon from event, but the SysBot considerate it illegal.

Thanks for your answers, sorry if my english isn't well, just tell me if you have any questions.


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