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PKHEX changes met location for cute charm PID when transferring generations?


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This post is regarding PID type: Cute charm Pokémon. I know it changes the actual met location to Poké transfer, but it is also changing  the encounter type/location shown when you hover over the Pokémon to encounter type Pokéwalker and location to Pokéwalker location. This is causing a Static encounter shiny mismatch error. Are they still technically legal or is there a way to fix it back. I have attached a .pk4 and .pk7 of a slowpoke before and after transfer. Also I am sure its implied but this only affect Pokémon catchable through the Pokéwalker of course. Thanks!

0079 ★ - SLOWPOKE - 15650000000A.pk4 0079 ★ - Slowpoke - 5E400000000A.pk7

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