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How to edit save file to rebattle trainers? (Pokemon Scarlet/Violet)

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There's this problem in the Teal Mask DLC where if you had battled every trainer in the base game, the game starts running out of space in the DLC to store information about which trainers you've defeated. Apparently trainer defeats after your 300th can't be stored, so the remaining trainers can be battled infinite times. 

This is a problem because of the Kitakami Ogre Clan quest that has you defeat seven specific trainers to get prizes. Since the game can no longer recognize when you've beaten these trainers if you've beaten too many trainers already, you can't complete the quest in that case.

I'm looking for a way to edit save files to remove some of the entries of trainer defeats to make room for the trainers you have to beat for the quest.

I don't have access to my save data since I haven't hacked any of my Switches yet (yes, I have one that could be hacked), but it'd be great if there was a general-purpose solution to being able to reset trainer battles (if there was, it'd motivate me to hack one of my Switches and "fix" my save data to get the quest to work).

I couldn't find anything that was actually documented in the "Block Data" for SV that fits this purpose, which is why I'm asking.

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