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can someone help me patch Pokémon black with a .patch?

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I really wanted to patch my Pokémon black with a European Portuguese translation patch, the creator stopped translating a while back but kept the file up. I'm having a hard time though the file they put up to download is a .patch file and no patching application supports that file. I'm I supposed to do something else with the .patch file?

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I finally found out how to do it. It was hard to find because this patch is old and they updated everything. If anyone else is new and wants to know how to patch with .patch files you have to use the old ver of xdelta. Here is a video of a kid doing a tutorial a while back before everything was updated. You can find a download link of the xdelta in the description of his video. I found this out btw through this website https://pokemonfangames.com/tutorial/how-to-patch-a-nds-rom/ when i scrolled down lol it was linked in a forum about how to make like rom hacks or something like that.


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