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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers Of Sky - Window Frame Color Problem

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Even though this is a thing which shouldn't bother gaming experience, did anyone create/find a fix yet for the pink frame color which occurs when you play a genderless Pokemon?

Because when you choose a genderless Pokemon as a starter (through SkyTemple or Action Replay codes), the framecolor changes to pink when you access a dungeon.

The only (semi) fixes I could find on the internet is an action replay code (works on bottom screen only):

222A7F40 000000X0
222A7FC0 000000X0
222A8040 000000X0
222A80C0 000000X0

Replace X with..
0 = Blue
2 = Pink
4 = Green
6 = Yellow
8 = Black

Another way is to replace the gender with male using SkyTemple or to replace the pink frame with the blue frame through a hex editor, but I am still curious if anyone has found a better fix for it.

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