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Help editing a new Battle Revolution save on Dolphin Emulator?

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Hi there!!! I am looking for some help or a guide to use PKHeX to edit a save on Battle Revolution. I am no master Coder, just a guy looking to re-live the good old days through an emulator, and currently unable to play without the help of PKHeX. I am currently on the most recent version, and unable to open the PBRSavedata file due to  large file size. I have seen this issue on other forums here, but again I am no genius lol, so I did not understand any explanations of solutions (YET). If someone could help me out, I would GREATLY Appreciate it, thank you!!!

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Large file size? That makes it sound like you're trying to open a save state file or something, not the game's unmodified save data. The file I have successfully opened and edited is "PbrSaveData", size 3,584kb, located at "\Dolphin Emulator\Wii\title\00010000\52504245\data\GeniusPbr". I didn't have to do anything special to it to open it.

Once you do open it, though, you're going to have to change the TID/SID in the Block Data to make the game think that it's been hooked up to a DS before.

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