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Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs Stale Reward Editing


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Hello guys, I've been playing Pokemon Ranger Guardian Signs for weeks and have done the 99% of the game so far, the only problem I have is the Mew stale, its rewarded at the Light Temple if you get S-Rank (with 5 minutes or above remaining) with 2% chances, its literally a pain to finish it with an S-Rank, and by considering the low chances to obtain Mew's stale, I realized that its almost impossible to get as I spend around 15 to 18 minutes per try, just to see that I'm always rewarded a Blastoise or Arceus ocassionally. Then, I tried to find a way to obtain Mew with AR codes or Save Editors or anything and there is nothing that I could find, so here is the thing, do you guys know how I can edit the chances of Mew from appearing for example by Hex editing the Arm9.bin or any method that I could use? Thanks in advance... (I know nothing about coding or hacking so...)

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You can either directly edit the save file in the RAM (though I don't know where the slates are stored, you would have to research it), or you can use some AR codes to beat the last temple more easily. I used this codes:
- Battle Codes: 1 Loop Capture
- Battle Codes: Attack Never Hits Line
- Temple Codes: Activate Dual/Quad Switches Alone
- Temple Codes: Quest Time Never Decrease
- Movement Speed Multiplier v2: Movement Speed x4

You can find these codes in DeadSkullzJr's NDS(i) Cheat Databases. Keep in mind that the temple codes only work for the US version, but the save files are compatible between versions. It will take a lot of runs, but with these codes it will be way easier!

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