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Pikachu Issues

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This is my pikachu file and im trying to make it a legit file to put it in either pokemon arceus or lets go pikachu. The one thing i want is it to be from a game that has the game boy icon, its shiny, it has my OT (Alexander), and be legit where if i borrowed my friends sword i can see the game boy icon and everything else in the game.

025 ★ - Pikachu - 9DF22BF78EE5.pa8

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didnt have the file.
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VC origin mons can not be in Let's Go Pikachu/Eevee. You could eventually transfer them from VC -> Bank -> Legends Arceus or Sword/Shield, but not to LGPE. Use the encounter database and filter for Game being Red/Blue/Yellow, then set the Pokémon into a LA or SwSh Save File.

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