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how do you get auto legality mod in new version?

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Hey guys. I've been trying for about an hour to find the dll file for auto legality and can't for the life of me. I've downloaded the latest masters and tried dropping the files in the plugins folder in all types of  different ways and auto-legality just doesnt show up in the toold menu. Tried searching the forum and couldn't find anything, so does anyone have a direct link to the DLL or know how to get auto legality working for this new version??

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On 2/2/2023 at 5:58 AM, SkyLink98 said:

If you can't find it in the PKHeX Plugins release page, it's because there's no new release for it yet. Wait patiently, or download the repository and compile the binaries from yourself.

Edit: the new release has been published.

Hello There, how can you compile? is there a videos guide?

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