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Cannot get PKHeX to work for Battle Revolution for Dolphin


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I'm at my wit's end you guys. I swear I've looked through every topic and tutorial but the Pokemon are just not showing up in the storage option on PBR- Check Storage is greyed out entirely. 

I took my save file, copied it into PKHeX, added the mons I wanted, saved and exported the save to the same area. I removed any illegal mons and everything.  The TID and SID are all right as well, no weird markings or anything, and are on the correct .pk format. What am I missing? I thought that was basically it? Is there a better way to do this? It does this no matter if I do all 493 mons or even just one. 

Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

Edit: Below is the save in question


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hi there, made an account to reply to this since ironically enough I was looking into battle revolution save editing last night! for some reason your save was the only one I could get to open in pkhex, so I'm really grateful for that :D

anyhow, what I ended up doing was going into the block data (found under the SAV tab) and changing the BoxesUnlocked value from 0 to -1. once that was done, I was able to make custom passes with everything in the save file!


for convenience's sake, I've attached my own save file with the change (as well as a bunch of legendary metronome spammers lmao) so you should be able to just drop it in and play. I did change the trainer name, but you can revert it easily by editing the CurrentOT field.

hope this helps, and thanks again for your save!


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