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Generating living dex for gen 2 (crystal) lots of OT have “?”

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Hey all. New to posting here but having some issues I hope I can get some help with.

When I generated a living dex using pkhex for gen 2 using a crystal save I managed to get everything generated as legal with the help of some pk files and some info about in game spawns.

For some Pokémon I would generate a random trainer ID and give them the name GOLD or SILVER depending on what game they were made in. For others I simply made them met at level one as if I hatched them. Most of these have an issue where the trainer ID shows but the trainer name says “?”  


For some Pokémon, like Lugia and Ho-oh, I found a flag that said something along the lines of caught lugia/ho-oh and that fixed those two but the issue remains. 

To clarify, in PKHEX (made sure to update) the OT shows my name or GOLD/SILVER but in game it shows OT/ ?  

The trainer ID shows correctly, just the trainer name is wrong

I tried the save on the VC and original cart versions of Pokémon crystal but the issue is identical.

Any ideas?

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