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How can I make shiny 3 segment Dudunsparce an d Family of 3?

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I have tried to gen shiny 3 segment dudunsparce and shiny Maushold family of 3 butt the game keeps telling me "Cannot find origin game".

Now, I saw in another forum that I have tu put in the "Batch Editor" some things butt I don't really know how to. Do I just type as is and it done?

I am still a bit new to the PkHex

Thank you in advance

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On 1/9/2023 at 6:36 PM, jackio said:

Maybe if you make a rare maushold or dudunsparce legal first, and then change it to its pre evolved version keeping the pid could work

This doesn't (or no longer) works.


"Set Invalid: Egg is unavailable in the game.


Refer to the Wiki "blah blah blah".



For three segment Dudunsparce and Maushold would it not be easy to just have a version uploaded on site? Once the eggs have been genned successfully they can be shared quite easily?


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