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After genning whenever I go to open the game I get an error message please help me


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Hi I am pretty new to all this I have only been using pkhex for a week and a half now yesterday when I finished genning whenever I went to start my game I kept getting this error message8DED6D3E-B1D8-4ABB-B77E-9AAD65FA86F9.thumb.jpeg.02ebc537ab64b58bb73c57f90b84bb23.jpeg

nothing I would do fixed it so I erased all my saved files and restarted the game from scratch. Once I’ve gotten far enough in the game where I can picnic and use my ride Pokémon I brought my Mon over one by one to the new save file and when I finished and restored the file in jksv when I went to start the game up again this time I get this error message B7F7B3FF-F559-4A97-8FEE-A452C2268413.thumb.jpeg.4ba6fc5fa33da4e6796988deaffc4204.jpeg

please help me I don’t know what’s going on or why this keeps happening but I don’t want to have to keep starting over. Again I’m very new to all of this so if you can please explain like you were talking to a child 😅. Please and thank you to all who helps.


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Most probably you added something that you shouldnt.

Dump all your pokes from the corrupt save to a folder.

Start a new game and reach the point where you can see your boxes. Make a jksv save (and keep a backup)

Load only the pokemons on the new save and check if it works. If not some pokemons will be messing with your save

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I got to the first Pokémon center and I got a brand new sd card so I reformatted and right now im updating/redownloading all the files I need so I can start over from scratch I have put 6 pokemon I wanna start the new game with in a folder so I can just drag those into my game for the test run. Hopefully I don’t keep getting the same error. So far every time I start over and move my Mon over even if it’s just one or two I get the same error message as the e last picture and so when that happens and I go back and delete the main and rename the main back up and restore that it still has the error message so I can’t even recover the backup and thus have to restart a whole new save to try the whole process over again

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