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transfer Pokémon Y saves from sky3ds+ to switch

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Hi Guys,


I have this old pokemon y saves from a broken 3ds using the sky3ds cartridge, i'd like to transfert it to my emulator on switch. I have the .sav file from the sky3ds with an orange buttin, but when looking at the save on the switch, the file format is not an .sav but show as only a "file". Can you tell me if i can convert my save to use it on my switch ? 



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Thanks for the answer. The save appear to be encrypted, and i cannot use cfw on the 3ds because the screen is HS, I only have the file available from the sky3ds+, is there a way to use it on the switch ?


I'm going in circle on the online tutorial, they all seem to required a jailbreak 3ds.




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