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Assests needed for EOS test aniamtion


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I'm looking for a few animated assests from the games, I'm planning to do a small animation test using files from the games, but I need help finding a few:

Waves moving while at Beach + Bubbles

Crystals changing colour when touched + entrance appearing

Gate of Time appearance and animation

Portal appearing behind Dusknoir + disappearance animation - Hidden Land

Primal Dialga roaring + Normal Dialga roaring

World being restored

Lapras flying towards the Hidden Land (the drawn looking scene)

Rainbow Stoneship moving

Grovyle and players struggling with binds (In The Future)


Portal appearing behind Dusknoir in Treasure Town + Dissapearance

Time Gears being placed into the Tower


All blank without any characters please. For the animated 'drawn' cutscenes, it may be easier to use them, but is there a way to get the scenes without any dialouge poppng up?



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