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[Gen I] I wrote a YOSHIRA Mew Machine in Python.


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I'm a newbie to ROM Hacking, save editing, Pokémon modding and stuff so this is my very first project on the topic.

I got fascinated on the old Mew/Celebi special distribution machines and I didn't find much about them during my internet search, just some information about past events that used these machines and how the distributed Mews were.

Then I found the Pokemon GEN1 YOSHIRA Mew Red Distribution Cart Save File from Digiex community and decided to go on a trip to learn more about these editing stuff: Making my own Mew Machine script.

The idea was simple, generate a valid Mew on an empty party slot of a save file. I used a YOSHIRA Mew from the previously mentioned save file as a base to build a YOSHIRA Mew generator function, that would return the same Mew each single time, but just with a random Trainer ID from 0 to 65535.

During this process I learned a lot about how Pokémon R/B read and write to SRAM and it was cool to see the project leaving my imagination. I wish I had a Gameboy and a Gen I cartridge so I could invest on making this project better by creating even a full homebrew reproduction of the hardware with the whole interface and gameboy cartridge slot thing.

Keep in mind that if you are planning to use this tool, please keep a backup of your progress. I do not want to be responsible for damages to your save file or even your cartridge.

So, the link to my code is here: guilherssousa/mew-machine: A Python recreation of the Mew Machine software. (github.com)

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28 minutes ago, TotalTS said:

Nice project!

Funny thing is, this year I've made a Pokémon Blue rom hack which visually recreates the Mew Machine (OT name can be custom) but I haven't implemented the part to add Mews to the reciever's party.


It would be really nice if we could match these projects together, but I have no idea on how to do it since I have zero knowledge on how to create ROMs for Gameboy and how this communication works between two devices

And I also believe (read in some place) that the Mew Machine is not a GB being emulated but yes a piece of software running in some other platform, maybe a script running on a Linux. Wish I could have a copy to test it by building a Raspberry Pi station

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