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Help with Translating GEN-VII Graphics

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I am doing translations on genVII games to brazilian portuguese.

I have some troubles when importing the translated texture files in game. I don't know if its a pk3DS problem or no.

Here is the steps that I am doing to extract/import:

1) The file location is on ExtractedRomFS\a\0\6\7 (I want to translate the battle graphics)

2) I extract the 7 file in pk3DS and got the 7_g folder.

3) Inside the folder, 7_g/004/02.bin (the 02 is where are the english files)

4) I extract again with pk3ds and got a sarc extracted folder.

5) a\0\6\7_g\004\02_sarc\timg -> Grpfont_Battle_MainButton_All.bflim this is the file I want to translate.

6) So, I use Kukki to export the bflim to png, edit and import back to a .bflim file.


Now I have the problem, because I have to pack the files back to "7" and I extracted the files two times (the 7 and the 02.bin file).

The problem is when I need to repack the 02.bin. When I repack the 02_sarc folder in pk3DS, is generated a 02.sarc file. This file can't be read to extract again by pk3ds, generating a error message, so, I don't know if the program don't support the sarc file, it can extract the original files, but I have problems on repacks because it don't extract the modified ones. (the 2 error messages when I am extracting the modified file are attached)


When I rename the 02.sarc to 02.bin and repack the 7_g, in game the game freeze when the battle starts. (the last attach)

Someone knows how can I import this graphic to the 02.bin file? Thank you!

Oh, here are the "7" file if someone can test it: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Qvln92XBRxINZbpKFwUesX8YTKH5-xAd?usp=sharing


Thanks for all help


unknown (1).png

unknown (2).png

unknown (3).png

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