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PKHEX Gen 8 Nickname Legality Filter Error

Baby Hoopa

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I have found an error with how PKHEX filters nicknames, the filter that PKHEX uses to determine nickname legality is different from the filter that Pokemon Sword, Shield, Brilliant Diamond, and Shining Pearl use resulting in some legal nicknames being flagged as illegal. The example I found is the nickname "bitchass hoe". If I catch a Pokemon in Pokemon Sword or Brilliant Diamond and try to name it this the game will allow me to name it that but PKHEX says that the nickname is illegal. If you don't believe me you can try yourself in either of these two games and you'll be allowed to name the Pokemon this. This is just a small bug but it would still make sense to make the filter for nicknames work properly.



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Working as intended.


PKHeX uses the 3DS' word filter for all formats, and it's a little more aggressive than the ones used by future games. It's still a profane name, so PKHeX is well within its right to flag it. Don't like it? Then reverse engineer all the word filters used by all the games, then I'll implement format specific ones. Else, we use the 3DS one everywhere.

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