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DeadSkullzJr's Wonder Card Extraction Project


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Hello everyone, I've been working on a project that I started last year, and decided to share my progress with you all. My goal with this project is to extract as much wonder card information as I can from whatever distribution methods that exists to maintain 100% accuracy with said wonder card information. Generations IV and V are my current priorities given all the newer generations seem to be accounted for well enough for the time being. The difference between these extractions versus the traditional save extraction variants, they lack date received information, and in some cases, my extractions have encrypted data where some of the save extracted variants are decrypted (not that it's a bad thing of course, but distributions for these generations are always encrypted so, take that as you will). This is of course all work in progress and I will keep updating this for the future.




As a small side project, I decided to invent wonder cards of my own for events that never got distributed (currently only for generation IV), I made sure to keep them in line with official wonder cards to make them as authentic as possible down to the data, making these technically 100% accurate. While some of these events are available in one form or another, this is my attempt at a "clean" distribution as if it was official. I provided PGT and WC4 variants of these wonder cards, that way you can use what you feel for your game(s). Just keep in mind there is a PCD box limit of three, PGTs carry the event data needed in-game.


Mystery Gift Wonder Card List:

DPPt - WCT0A - Azure Flute
DPPt - WCT0B - Alarm Clock
DPPt - WCT0B - Stopwatch
DPPt - WCT05 - Ball Ornament
DPPt - WCT05 - Clear Ornament
DPPt - WCT05 - Great Trophy
DPPt - WCT05 - Magnezone Doll
DPPt - WCT05 - Manaphy Doll
DPPt - WCT05 - Round Ornament
HGSS - WCT03 - Lock Capsule



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