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Request: Mystery Dungeon Explorers T/D Recruitment 100% AR code


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I'm more posting this for the sake of it, since I'm trying to look into this myself, but explorers of sky and blue rescue team ended up getting 100% recruitment codes, and I'm wondering if the same could be done for explorers of time and darkness. I figure it's probably not been done since not as many have wanted to play them (and I can't blame you when looking at sky).

I've done some poking apart of sky's recruitment code to attempt to find it myself, but the games are pretty different and I don't think I'm looking in the right places (I was using explorers of time and the same region for it and sky just incase you were wondering). So I'm just gonna leave the request up as it doesn't seem like much of a surprise that the internet yields no result for these probably due to their difficulty and the fact sky exists and is considered better. All I've come across is people requesting it, mostly from over a decade ago.

So I'll make a request for it here in the current day. Hopefully if someone does do it, it's cross-region as well, although it's not a big concern if it isn't.


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trying to not sound as conceited when just making a request without anything to it
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Would it even be possible to modify sky's? The code for blue and the code for sky seem to do different things (for instance, the blue code allows the player to recruit a pokemon from any distance when hit, found out by accident when I used shadow ball on a pokemon across the room and they asked to be recruited lol) that ultimately lead to the same conclusion?
is sky just 'too different' compared to time and darkness?

Just simply curious is all, I know this forum is mostly dead but I'm mainly curious when the only results I can find of the topic are requests made well over a decade ago on different forums and the like.

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