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[BDSP] RNG research for perfect Pokémon

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Some weeks ago I started a little fun project and today I finally took time to clean it up, write some documentation and share it with the community. The idea was to explore RNG in BDSP for fun and profit. My goal was to create shiny Pokémon with 6 perfect IVs that are "totally legit", fully generated by the game itself. That means there are some rules:

  •     no save editing
  •     no game logic alterations

This made things a bit more interesting as it left me with RNG research and optimization problem of finding good seeds in a somewhat reasonable time. I think BDSP are really great games as they are made with Unity making reversing and modding so much easier and approachable for wider audience. That's why I decided to share my research for learning purposes and to demonstrate that it's easier than it might look. I hope that community around these games stays alive as those games are probably as moddable as they can get, opening doors to some great, creative projects.

Here's a link to full write up & tools: https://github.com/MewTracker/bdsp-research. I hope you will find this information useful. In the future (if time allows) I plan to post some more write ups about different aspects of the game based on whatever I find interesting. Feedback and suggestions for future research are welcome. Happy shiny hunting ;)

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