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SwSh type chart editing?

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I have figured it out. It's actually pretty simple:

1. Search for the nx2elf tool and elf2nso tools online and download them. I cannot post link to other sites here, but if you search for "nx2elf" in Google you will find some site specifically asking for edting the "main" file in exefs. That web page has a bundled version of the two tools that can be downloaded (All credit to masagrator).

2. Use nx2elf to decompress the "main" file in exefs. If you downloaded the bundled version in step 1 there is a batch file to do it in one click.

3. Open the decompressed main.elf. in binary editor. Search for the pattern "04 04 04 04 04 02 04 00 02", there should be one single place with the pattern.

4. That's the start of the type chart, in exactly the same format as older versions (all DS, 3DS versions but not the GBA versions). I will not explain the format here but you can find the explanation for B2W2 here on the second page by Bond697 (and all credits to Bond697): (But notice that Fairy type is added in SwSh versions so the chart is longer)


5. After editing, save the main.elf file and recompress it into main.nso using the elf2nso tool. Again, if you downloaded the bundled version there is a one-click batch to do this.

6. Rename main.nso to main and put into your ModName/exefs directory of Yuzu and/or other directory for mods.

7. The game should have the type chart changed.


Hopefully PKNX will include this functionality in its nice GUI, I have posted this in the PKNX thread too.

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