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request [BDSP] Just Looking For A Shiny Turtwig


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Heyo, I'm new to this so sorry if there's any mistakes. I've been looking to get ahold of a shiny turtwig just to play through the game with. If anyone can help me out I'd greatly appreciate it!


>Pokemon Species: Turtwig

Held Item: None

Level: 5

Ability: Overgrow

Nickname (If wanted): Toro

Trainer ID (If specific): 764179

Secret ID (If specific): N/A

Shiny (Yes or No): Yes

Egg (Yes or No): No

Nature: Impish

Pokérus Status: N/A

Pokéball Captured In: Pokéball

EV Stats: 0

IV Stats: 30/31/31/31/31/31

Ribbons (If any): N/A

Location/Date Met: 11/27/ at Lake Verity

Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg): N/A

Friend Code (If Trading): 8393-7503-8414

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