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Finding Dialogue Triggers for Pokéstar Studios in B2W2 Code

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I've already posted about this in other forums, but I want to reach as many people as possible who are able to help. I've been trying to figure this mystery involving the scripts of Pokéstar Studios, and I am so near yet so far from completely uncovering it. As the above image explains, you can activate "special events", featuring otherwise hidden lines of dialogue, by using certain moves while shooting certain films. However, there is no in-game indication that this easter egg exists, nor is there any notification that you've used the right move. The only way to even see these special events is at the theater after filming is done.

By looking at the Project Pokémon text dump of Black 2, I have determined that out of the 40 available films, 19 have special events. (The scripts of all the films are found in Message Files #181 through 260.) So far, I have found 15:

Brycen-Man Strikes Back 2: Thief
Full Metal Cop 3: False Swipe
Invaders 2: Gravity
Big Monster 4: Ember
Timegate Traveler 1: Future Sight
Timegate Traveler 3: Future Sight
Love and Battles 1: Attract
Love and Battles 2: Attract
Love and Battles 3: Attract
Mystery Doors of the Magical Land 2: Substitute
The Giant Woman 3: Fusion Flare, Fusion Bolt, or Glaciate
Red Fog of Terror 3: Defog
Everlasting Memories 3: Charge Beam
Ghost Eraser 3: Foresight
Ghost Eraser 4: Swords Dance

I don't know how to activate the special events of the four remaining films: Big Monster 3, The Giant Woman 4, Everlasting Memories 1, and Everlasting Memories 2. Oftentimes the correct move to use is related to the film's scenario, but what I thought were the obvious answers didn't work. I've been analyzing and reanalyzing their scripts for any hints as to which moves they could possibly be. The hidden dialogue is typically found at the bottom of the message files, but I will link the exact line they start at for convenience:

Big Monster 3: [Female Trainer] [Male Trainer]
The Giant Woman 4: [Female Trainer] [Male Trainer]
Everlasting Memories 1: [Female Trainer] [Male Trainer]
Everlasting Memories 2: [Female Trainer] [Male Trainer]

Because coding and hacking are completely foreign to me, my current strategy has been to slog through every move and check the results. As you can imagine, it is very tedious. I want to ask to those of you who are experienced in analyzing and messing with ROMS, if it's possible to look into the games' code to see which moves trigger the hidden dialogue?

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A few fans and I have managed to find three of the remaining special events. However, we are stumped on Everlasting Memories 2.

If you would like to help us get to the bottom of this mystery once and for all, please post your input here. We do have a Discord server where we are testing potential moves; please contact me here or via messaging if you would like to join.

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