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SID in Emerald and Shiny Frames

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So i’ve used Gameshark multiple times to find my sid and pkhex, just to make sure i get the same number - which they are. So with that said and done i have my SID. I put it into rng reporter to find my shiny frame. i use another vba program, one which i can load an lua file so i can find the exact frame! i speed up my vba to that frame, well almost and pause the game, going one by one, each frame individually until i get to it. however, it’s never shiny? It’d be awesome if anything knew anything about this.


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You're probably messing up something, somewhere in the RNG manipulation process.

We are not you and we cannot check exactly what you're doing wrong. 

I can only give you some suggestions in order for you to better understand the problem.

First, use Pokéfinder instead of RNG reporter, RNG reporter is affected by some bugs and may not work properly in some instances.
Check the TID and SID you input in the program are the correct ones.
Check the encounter method you selected in the program is the proper one for the encounter you want to shinyze.
If you hit another frame, in which the Pokémon isn't shiny, take the encountered pokemon details and search on Pokefinder its frame. You can search with filters by Pokémon's IVs, or you can export the pokefinder table as TXT and search the PID. This way you'll find the frame you hit.

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