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HGSS Pokédex editing?

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So on my way to hack HGSS (especifically SoulSilver) and to getting familiar to the basics of rom hacking and stuff, I got to a point where I had to edit the Pokédex and I found that the information and help related to editing the Pokédex are very scarce, hours of researching have led to nothing.

My intention is not to add new Pokémon yet, but I'd like to know how to modify important things from the information that appears in the Pokédex (like species, type, entries, height and weight) now, I managed to find a way to edit entries and types, but I need help to edit the height and weight of the Pokémon (and also the protagonist's height and weight when comparing).

I don't know where to start and what programs I have to use nor the files I have to edit to do this, the most similar thing I've found related to this is a research from Poryhack in which there is an explaniation of the zucan_data.narc, but this one is a D/P/Pt's file.

If someone knows how to edit these aspects of the HG/SS Pokédex, it would be of great help.
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