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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Fount of Victory


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A little late, but my SkyTemple Hack Jam entry, Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Fount of Victory, is here!

Tired after being everyone's punching bags for so long, Magikarp and Feebas have had enough and attempt to scale Mt. Victory, which brings promises of unlimited victory for those who reach its depths! Join them in their 16 floor expedition as they search for the mountain's blessing!

The version of the game I submitted was somewhat unfinished, so I updated it to fix some of the more glaring issues. 

1.1.0 Changelog


- Fainting and saving no longer softlock the game

- The Clefairy in the cutscene before the boss fight have been fixed to Clefable



FoV 1.1.0.xdelta

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