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I am Noob. Hear me rawr. :B


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I am an ex-addict to Rappelz. Finally got away from it. But, I have relapsed back to Pokemon. I am currently playing Pokemon Platinum via emulator and ROM.

I was always obsessed with the Pokemon games, not so much the cards and anime. I've been playing since Yellow and normally play the "in between" games in generations such as Yellow and Crystal because it feels like I am getting a bit of both. ;3

Lastly, I would like to say hello to you all. How are you, everyone? :D

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Hello There.

EEK! your ferocious RAWR scared the orange juice out of me. And yeah never payed much attention to Pokemon Cards either, i thought they were kinda lame, but well that's my opinion. But since I'm still like 14. I'm going to continue to watch the anime unless something better is on.

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Orange juice. xD I used to watch the first generation episodes for the first 151 Pokemon, but I didn't even get through all of those. I feel that I wouldn't mind watching everything starting from the first generation all the way up to the current episodes, but I don't particularly have the time. .___.

Oh, and I recently discovered Pokesav, an amazing ROM "hacker". I am using it for Platinum, but I am using it in a "fair" way. I only use it to get certain Pokemon and to max out their EVs. I'm not giving them uber ridiculous stats or anything. I also started them at L1 and am leveling them myself. Though, I suppose having one of the game's legendary Pokemon already would be kind of cheating, though I would have it anyways at some point in time. :P

Discovering Pokesav is basically how I came upon this forum. I had questions on how to configure it with my ROM and SAV file, so I figured it out in these forums. I didn't intend on actually using this forum much, but I suppose I have nothing better to do other then play Platinum on my emulator+ROM.

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