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Hi from Gen 1-2 gamer

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Few words on my Pokemon journey.

I started with the Blue version on Game Boy (the very first one) back in the day. That's the only one I finished "legally". I even got Mew traded from my cousin who got it from the Nintendo distribution tour.

Then I switched to the gold version when it was out and bought a Game Boy color. I enjoyed it even better than the original game.

I totally skipped the Game Boy Advance releases.

Then on DS, I played on the HeartGold version.

Recently I decided to replace the death batteries of my GB games and start them over. I've now a device to backup my saves so I should be able to complete the game and keep the save safe afterwards.

I've also restarted my HeartGold game recently, mainly to play local battles with cousins and friends.

So as you can read, I'm stuck to Gen 1 and Gen 2 mainly.

Some of my favourite mons are Aerodactyl, Omastar, Arcanine, Tauros, Hypno, Gengar, ...


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