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Mewtwo Pearl Code needed URGENTLY


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This topic can be closed as it is now finished.

Hi, my friend is staying with me and needs a Mewtwo urgently as heleaves in around half an hour. Pokesav seems to be rejecting me so I need someone to get me an AR code. Please make this legit even if you have to go against what I have asked for. Anything missed just decide for yourself.

GAME: European Pokemon Pearl

Pokemon: Mewtwo (No nickname)

OT: Leo

ID: ??? No idea what this is on about.

level: 70

ablity: Pressure

held item: Sacred Ash

move set: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt

pp usage for move set: Normal amount with PP Max 3 on every move.

nature: Bold

egg: Obviously not!


pokerus infected: no

ball caught in: Ultra Ball

battle stats: Whatever, just make it good!

ev stats: Whatever, just make it good!

iv stats: Whatever, just make it good!

ribbons: Every contest except the master ranks

contest stats: All max (255)

location met: GTS

where:box 2 slot 5


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here you go, this code will place the requested mewtwo at box 2 slot 5, enjoy:

94000130 FCFF0000

B21C4D28 00000000

B0000004 00000000

E000D580 00000088

5709F577 9D1A0000

679B4D0A 5B797AB0

881864B0 963BD8E5

9E08F6D3 8086AD48

6F256E14 F15EA8ED

D10D91EF 7159CDF5

EE2BC7B0 7398727A

1BDE34F5 8F0D579F

7ECEA2F1 826A901F

8BA23F99 F29D81AD

8ECCF344 C9076C90

AC0C3D68 C6D3180E

83872183 4EEFFD10

636CE70E 860F4DE3

4083055E C967600D

C4052DC3 52ADBC12

A40F1728 F6F55720

D2000000 00000000

tested and worked on both diamond and pearl, any problems/changes you whant me to fix/do tell me right here or pm me which way you prefer.

---------- Post added at 05:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:20 PM ----------

just so you know i changed its met at place to pal park, johto.

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