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SWSH - Dynamax Crystal Gigantamax Centiskorch


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Various stores around Europe are about to release promo codes that allow users to redeem a Dynamax Crystal for a Gigantamax Centiskorch.

Once used the Crystal, Centiskorch can be encountered at the Watchover Ruins.

Source: Gamestop CH Gamestop DE Gamestop AT Gamestop IT Smyth Toys UK FNAC Stores SP PicWicToys FR Intertoys NL

The wondercard has been uploaded to the latest BCAT and will be available on the Event Gallery as soon as the Event will be officially released.

Wonder Card ID #0506: Dynamax Crystal Gift
  Here's what you got:
 ★Sgr6859 x1
  | SWSH | Only One Allowed | 09/25/20 to 01/31/21


Species Crystal Level Stars Host Catch Rate Nonhost Catch Rate Move 1 Move 2 Move 3 Move 4 Shield Thickness HP% 1st shield Extra Move 1 Ex move 1 priority HP% 2nd shield Extra Move 2 Ex move 2 priority Max # of moves Gender Nature Dy level Shiny? Ability? Game Entry Index HP IV ATK IV DEF IV SATK IV SDEF IV SPE IV Dy Boost
Centiskorch ★Sgr6859 35 4 Guaranteed 3 Fire Lash Lunge Coil Power Whip 3 45 Coil Last move for that turn 0 Splash Disabled 1 Random Random 5 Regular Odds Hidden Ability SH 7 31 31 31 255 255 255 1.9


Species Crystal Stars Shiny? Game Rand Reward Entries Fixed Reward Entries
Centiskorch ★Sgr6859 4 Regular Odds SW bottle-cap.png Bottle Cap 2%
rare-candy.png Rare Candy 25%
figy.png Figy Berry 80%
tamato.png Tamato Berry 80%
rare-bone.png Rare Bone 35%
nugget.png Nugget 35%
big-nugget.png Big Nugget 35%
fire.png TR88 (Heat Crash) 100%
fire.png TR41 (Blaze Kick) 100%
fire.png TR55 (Flare Blitz) 100%
m.png Exp. Candy M x3
l.png Exp. Candy L x5
dynamax-candy.png Dynamax Candy x2
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