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It's ok, but please next time use this thread :


HeartGold Ho-Oh :

94000130 FCFF0000

B2110DC0 00000000

E00123D0 00000088

04070693 6C000000

828EA9EC 0EA49A2F

D7E8244E 00FD00DE

E70E7A8C 631A1BAA


52B6A725 4296316F

3935C5ED 7CF54222


275765DB 8D1DA66B

0AE91F63 37012ADD

A169AF63 6410B5EE

F8A2C48C 2FE0BD43

C4A3701F 3142E78B

C311D745 FC3B249B

F9B68DCC 4A119B54

2A662FD9 8852C6B0

020DF0B0 E6DB8422

D2000000 00000000

It will be in the 25th slot of BOX 3. I caught it with with a Timer ball btw.

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