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PK3 file request


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but why PK3 specifically? Did you want this Mewtwo to be in Gen 3?

Mewtwo can learn those moves in Gen 6 (presumed it'll be minimally Gen 6, cause that image includes mega evolution)

150 - Mewtwo - 787C921E2BBA.pk6

Plus it'll be more demanding to make a gen 3 mon. There's no rng combination in gen 3 Method 1 for Flawless IVs and Lonely Nature.

If you insist on PK3:

Sacrificing some points in Sp.Atk:

So this is the best I can do for PK3:
150 - MEWTWO - B4C451065B8F.pk3


I know I missed out the EVs, but you can handle that yourself, when you decide to edit other information, like Nickname and OT etc.

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