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Problem using Pokesav with the AR


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I have the Action Replay for the DSi and when I add the AR codes from Pokesav to my AR codelist using the Code Manager it says the codes were added. When I disconnect my AR from my computer, insert it my DSi, and power it on, the code's name will appear in the codelist but the actual code will be blank.

I know for a fact that the AR DSi uses the exact same codes as the AR DS so that's not the issues. I've used AR DS codes many times and they've worked fine.


Does anyone have a working code for checking your Secret ID on U.S. Platinum Version?

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Check Secret ID-Platinum

94000130 fcff0000

B2101D40 00000000

da000000 0000008e

d6000000 00000090

d2000000 00000000

Press L+R at trainer card,

then close and reopen trainer card.

Amount of cash will equal Secret ID.

(Sorry I didn't clarify directions.)

This should work. I use it on my Platinum.

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Needed to clarify code activation.
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