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Pokémon: melmetal 

Amount: 2

Level: 30

Ability: default (iron fist I think)

Nickname (If wanted): 

Trainer ID (If specific): 

Secret ID (If specific):

Shiny (Yes or No): Yes

Egg (Yes or No): No

Nature: any

Pokérus Status: no

Pokéball Captured In: great ball

EV Stats: none

IV Stats: two perfect IVs, don’t care which

Ribbons (If any): none

Location/Date Met: (month day year)  GO Park Complex, 2/14/2019

Location/Date Hatched (If an Egg):

Friend Code (If Trading): SWSH trading so not needed

  1. Note: if possible, make two. Different PID and EC of course.
  2. Sorry if this isn’t the right place or format, I think this is where the post said to do it and how to format it. 

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