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Can't save file


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Basically, I have the same issue as this guy. However, when I try to take the advice of what the administrator said (adding the .sav at the end), it also claims there's an error. Can someone help?

Then, when I go into the battery folder, I do find an SAV file (even though there wasnt one before), and when I press on it, this message displays.


Then, after pressing ok, another message pops up:


After all of this, closing desmume and checking the batteries folder AGAIN, there's a new file, except its not sav file (its dsv) and its 381 KB.

Can someone help me? I have the save file loaded on pokegen but I'm afraid to close the pokegen itself since I know that the moment I close the pokegen, all my data is gone (I deleted everything in the batteries folder afterwards to help clean it out)

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