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    Can't save file

    Basically, I have the same issue as this guy. However, when I try to take the advice of what the administrator said (adding the .sav at the end), it also claims there's an error. Can someone help? https://gyazo.com/20cdfb7021c45d507bf1314c458ab664 Then, when I go into the battery folder, I do find an SAV file (even though there wasnt one before), and when I press on it, this message displays. https://gyazo.com/b10cd25c59264deaf8fce69eec4548f4 Then, after pressing ok, another message pops up: https://gyazo.com/57585bad07d08e228a3698fe45ee0f9b After all of this, closin
  2. Ok, here goes: Pokemon - Platinum Version (USA) (Rev 1).sav(No$gba).dsv
  3. Wait, I think I found it.Pokemon - Platinum Version (USA) (Rev 1).sav(No$gba).dsv
  4. Pokemon - Platinum Version (USA) (Rev 1).sav(No$gba).lnk I'm 90 percent sure it's this. ALL i did was change the name, this should be the valid save file.
  5. Where do I find that though?
  6. -file removed- That was the original file
  7. Alright, so I forgot to tell you what other thing I did. I did find the save file after the pokegen alteration, but i changed the name (Only), because the desmume app stated that it could only accept usable files. So I changed just the name of the rom to end in certain endings (gba, nds, sav) just to see if that would change anything. I tried using it out, but it just wont load, it gives me the message that the rom heading is invalid, and something about it failing. What should I do? the file is below. (note: im kind of a noob with desmume, so i dont know anything except from stuff from y
  8. So I was playing pokemon platinum on desmume, and I wanted to evolve a scyther. So I went on to pokegen, selected the save file, converted scyther to scizor, then pressed file, then save file. After doing that, I opened desmume, and a new pokemon game popped up. Why did this happen? Yes, I tried using the file->Import/Export file, but there was nothing to click. https://gyazo.com/fa2fe22d9a69aac71442c0889195f2a2 As you can see, I can't literally press on it Import/export file. Is there a way to recover the save file?
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