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Looking for a Database Tool.

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Hi o/ !

So my question is pretty weird. I hope i'll be able to explain it the BEST as possible.
I'm doing a huge project in RNG Abuse stuff, and I want to do a little checkup on everything I have.

Tired of Excel stuff, I would like to learn database stuff by messing with that. I'd like to be able to enter some basic infos about the Pokemon :

- The Pokemon / Dex Number

- Origin Game


- IVs

- Nature

- Gender

- Ability

- And a custom note for me.


I'd like to know how to make this more easier for me. PKHeX relies too much on saves and doesn't have enough options to filtrer (in that specific case ofc)

I'd take any idea on how to register them (some SQL Lite ?) and later how to have a nice display.


Thanks o/

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