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Hello, so I recently scripted an Event for Pokemon Platinum where you can battle Arceus but i did not found any list for the Overworld ID of Arceus, or Legendarys in general,

So I found them by myself and want to share them here for other Platinum Hackers ;)


here is the Video (If interested) : Arceus script


151= Uxie

152 = Mesprit

153= Azelf

154= Dialga

155= Palkia

156= Arceus


158= Shaymin

159= Cresselia

160= Giratina (standing)

161= Heatran


Not Legendarys that I somehow found:

195: Magikarp

225: Infernap


You can write down more Overworld ID's (If you know more) I will add them to the list!

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