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PkHeX unsupported file type/size


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I have used the JK save manager to create a save file on my 2DS SD card, but when I try to open the save file in to PKHeX there is an error which appears (I am on the latest file of PKHeX and homebrew etc). I have made 2 saves, each of them say the same thing apart from the /save1 turns into /save2.

This is the message that pops when I try to load my save file on PKHeX:

"Attempted to load an unsupported file type/size.
File loaded:
File Size:
445440 bytes (0x6CC00)"

This may not be the correct place to get help, therefore I apologise for this. The save file will be attached below, and the save file is from Pokémon Ultra Sun. I have successfully loaded my  Pokémon Moon save file into PKHeX, however is still unable to sort out my Pokémon Ultra Sun save, which is really unfortunate because I have gotten to the point of beating the elite four. -There is hacked pokemon in my pc box, which I've traded from my Pokémon Moon save-. However, I would really appreciate if someone could help me, because I have tried everything I know of myself, it's just refusing to load into PKHeX and resulted in me just becoming puzzled and every tutorial I have taken on PKHeX to apparently "help" fix, didn't work, I'm sure I'm doing something wrong. Sorry for wasting your time, If you help, thank you, I appreciate it 🙂


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9 minutes ago, theSLAYER said:

what version of PKHEX are you using?

the save loads just fine

I'm under the impression that you're using a version of the PKHeX that is prior to USUM being supported.

I just checked and found the newest version, I honestly thought I was doing something wrong with JKSM. Turns out my version was extremely old, thanks for telling me because otherwise I'd be stuck on one of the eldest versions still wondering why it won't work

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