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Note: Please read the full topic, to understand how all this stuff works. Thanks!


NDSMM -by Mikelan98

So before the NDSMM (Nintendo Ds Map maker) was released, it was pretty hard to create a map for Pokemon DPPT.

You needed illegal nitro plugins and some 3d software.

Now, with this Map Maker, you only need:

MatLab (for the mapping programs)





Download Links, at the end of this Guide.

Quick guide:

To use the Map Maker you need to get MatLab first.

When you open the map in excel you will get an error, it will say something, like: "The macros are deactivated", to fix that simply click on Options and activate all macros



Now when you want to insert new objects, you need to click on the "Insert new Object to Map" Button and choose a tile, from the

"pokemonplatinumtileset" folder.

To avoid glitches on the map, don't put the tallgrass or flowers or path etc over the grass. If you do so, it will glitch out.

Place it like that, and not over the grass.


Use the "Snap to Grid" button, it helps alot for better mapping.

When you finished your map, click on the generate txt list button, and copy the text into the (/Map maker/temp.txt) file


Now click on Imd Builder and build your imd file. (needs 5-20 seconds)


After you did that, move your imd file to the G3DCVTR Folder and open (imd_and_ita_converter.exe)

select your imd file, check (nsbmd) and click on "go"


Open SDSME and Load your DPPT Rom, go to Map Editor, and click on import 3d model


After that, your map will be white. Choose tileset 6 to view the textures.



Now you can save the rom and enjoy your map! :)


Ty for reading this.



Here is a map I created recently:




Link to the Tools:



NDSMM by Mikelan98




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