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Question about what's in a PBR save file

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Sorry I'm new here and I can't find a straight answer to one of my questions, but I fear I know the answer. I have my PBR file from over a decade ago, which has my Diamond & Platinum pokes. However my D/P/Pt that I bought day one over a decade ago were recently stolen and I replaced them a few days ago.

Like anyone who but hours of hours into their saves, there is no way to complete replicate the data/memories. I was curious though, I know that if I just through a few hoops I can extract and inject my PBR pokes back into the games. (Recently started playing around with PKHex, no injects as of yet). However are only Pokemon copied to PBR or is there a chance your entire DS save file (.dsv) is copied to PBR for validation when updating boxes. 3MB+ seems kinda big for pokemon game.

I feel like I'm right and SOL as I believe PBR only copies pokes and not DS saves. Guess I'm seeking closure with the consolation of at least I can inject my Boxes back in if that even possible.


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