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Pokeball change (HGSS)


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I'm not sure if these are working yet or not.

I wanted to switch around some of the pokeballs for a few of my pokemon in SS (to whatever suits them better, depending on ball design or the opening animation). But whenever I go back into game, they still look like normal pokeballs. Even though in Pokesav the edit is still there and it should have changed.

I know nothing about hexs either, but could that maybe be the problem too?

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86h Values are used in HeartGold and SoulSilver only to determine the PokeBall. (Thanks to Wylfred for listing them out!) If there is an *, that means the normal Pokeball slot in Pokesav should be set to a Pokeball. Never set the normal Pokeball slot in Pokesav to any Apricorn balls.

01 = Master Ball

02 = Ultra Ball

03 = Great Ball

04 = Poke Ball

05 = Safari Ball

06 = Net Ball

07 = Dive Ball

08 = Nest Ball

09 = Repeat Ball

0A = Timer Ball

0B = Luxury Ball

0C = Premier Ball

0D = Dusk Ball

0E = Heal Ball

0F = Quick Ball

10 = Cherish Ball

11 = Fast Ball*

12 = Level Ball*

13 = Lure Ball*

14 = Heavy Ball*

15 = Lovely Ball*

16 = Friend Ball*

17 = Moon Ball*

18 = Compé Ball*

Hope that helps.

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