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Zigzagoon Event Poke -- Fake?

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Pokebox Zigzagoon Event poke from the GBA is the only Zigzagoon with Extremespeed within the Project Pokemon database.

According to Smogon, the Zigzagoon is suppose to have the ability: Gluttony and not the one the database has: Pickup.

Can someone enlighten me? Is this just bad luck on the event when the user retrieved the Pokebox Zigzagoon Event Pokemon or is this event pokemon a fake.


Reference: http://www.smogon.com/dp/articles/event_pokemon#linoone

To quote: "Through a special event with Pokémon Box, a Zigzagoon with ExtremeSpeed became available. ExtremeSpeed is a very good move for Linoone, especially when paired with Belly Drum. This combination became even better in DPP, with Linoone's new Gluttony ability. Shown below is the Belly Drum Linoone set:

Linoone @ Salac Berry

Ability: Gluttony

EVs: 108 HP / 252 Atk / 8 Def / 4 SpD / 136 Spe

Nature: Adamant

-Belly Drum


-Shadow Claw / Pursuit

-Rock Smash / Dig / Seed Bomb

Gluttony makes Linoone's Salac Berry activate right after you use Belly Drum, which is crucial because Linoone can't take hits, especially after using Belly Drum. At +6 Attack, ExtremeSpeed will be completely obliterating most Pokémon in UU (and most Pokémon in OU too!) Shadow Claw helps Linoone combat Ghost-types, such as Rotom. Linoone's last slot is tricky; it does not have that many viable options. Dig is a very powerful attack against Rock- and Steel-types which resist ExtremeSpeed. Rock Smash does the same, but it's 40 base power lower (it doesn't need two turns to work though). Linoone can also use Seed Bomb to destroy Rock-types, but then it has no way of defeating Steel-types."

If I simply changed the ability to gluttony manually via Pokesav, will it be considered hacked? or illegal?

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"This combination became even better in DPP, with Linoone's new Gluttony ability."

... If you Pal Park the Zigzagoon to D/P/Pt and THEN evolve it, it can have the ability Gluttony. Back in the RSE days, Zigs and Linoones could only have the ability "Pickup". Please read the article carefully next time :P

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