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New here.


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Hello everyone. I recently joined this site because it suggsested so in the Pokesav guide. Well yea..hi.

And could anyone tell me why ever since I used this that I can't communicate with my friend? If I attempt to I disconnnect. Both our wi-fi are flawless.

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Correct. WHne I try to battle with my friend over wi-fi it disconnects me or him. Which ever one tried to talk to the other. I want to know why this happened so I can fix it. I did change my charcter name, gender, and secret ID.

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I don't know... I'm not able to connect on my Wii either... :S I don't know why. I'm in the Eastern Standard (US and Canada) time zone, if that means anything.

If neither your Wii nor your DS are able to connect, then maybe the Wireless connection needs to be reconfigured.

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