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Pokémon Winds of Shadow


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I want to make a FireRed ROM hack in a new region with a Shadow World counterpart, Shadow Pokémon, Shadow type, and Pokémon from Gens 1-7. Probably Mega Evolution, too. I made a list of possible features:

New moves
New abilities
New Pokeballs
Apricorn balls
Complete Pokemon availability
Secret bases (FireRed)
Increase bag limit
Double wild battles
100 TMs
Rock Climb
10 HMs
Day/Night wild Pokemon encounters
Deoxys form change ability
Expanded Pokemon breeding
Horde encounters
Trainers, etc., Speak in Battle Sometimes
Overworld Music Depends on Time of Day
Day/Night battle music change
Replace Pokemon in Party with Newly Caught One and Send Replaced one to PC
Evolutions Based on Specific Time
AI for new moves
Berry system
Multiplayer compatibility
Wonder trade system
New evolution methods
New items
Expanded items
Bug catching contest
(Not So) Hidden Power
Complete Habitats
Expanded Pokemon breeding Ditto fix
Extended sethealingplace
Extend Direct Sound tracks to 12
Dark ball
Mega Evolution implemented
(FireRed) Ability Capsule
New types
New type icons
Levels expanded to 250
TMs fully mapped
Daily events
Nuzlocke Option
Extend sethealingplace
Extend song table
New music
Best AI
Level scaling
Stadium / Showdown style
Bank system
Roaming Pokemon
Vs. Seeker battles
Hacked Title Screen
Secondary message boxes
Pokemon selection
Moves selection
Battle Arena
Following Pokemon
Snag Machine
Quests (money or rare / special items)
More doubles
Trainer battles that reward you with items afterward
Rematches with trainers after gym wins
HM items
Random weather scripts
Shadow moves

Those are all to be decided for or against. All I have is a basic starting script and a starter town right now.

Edit: I'm planning more for the game right now.

I'd like to form a team. I have a post called "Team Salamence" on here that I have some members from working on this ROM hack already. I need just about any Gen 3 Pokémon ROM hackers to join, but particularly I need:

1. People who can edit, create and insert tilesets
2. Spriters who can make trainer sprites, in-battle and out-of-battle (overworlds)

I could also use spriters who like to make Pokémon overworlds, too

Let me know if you're interested via private message or on Discord. I'm Petuuuhhh#1611. You can add me as a friend if you're interested in joining the team. The project's Discord is https://discord.gg/z857WpP if you would like to spectate or ask about recruitment there as well.


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