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I wonder if it's even possible to edit which functions of the Ride Pager are available; it'd be nice to use Charizard Glide immediately after beating Hala, for instance, instead of having to go through half the next island (especially since PKHeX already allows you to edit Glide destinations), or use Sharpedo Jet instead of the slower Lapras Paddle much earlier than intended.

Since this, if it's indeed possible, is just selecting what's unlocked/locked (similarly to the Passport stamps), it could be placed within the Misc. tab of the Trainer Info editor.

Just something I'd like considered for a future commit, is all; not essential or anything. If the Ride Pager can't be edited, just say so, and I'll understand; the game is complex, to the point that pk3DS can't edit Move Tutor moves and make 'em work, for example.

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